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Signature Packing Process: Potted Orders

Please note: If you wish to have your plants sent in their pots, you must select this option at checkout

Here at More Plants we take A LOT of pride in the way we package and prepare our plants for delivery. We want our customers to have the trust that when they order from More Plants they will receive beautiful and healthy plants. That's why we have spent sooo much time perfecting our packing process. From the courier company we use, to the boxes we pack in, every decision has been made to make sure we get your plants to you safely!

One of the things we think is great about our packaging is that your plants are delivered in their pots!! That means they will go through much less stress than a bare rooted plant, keeping them hydrated and happy throughout delivery.

I know what you're thinking 'But how do you ship your plants potted without a huuuge mess arriving at my door?!' We spend a great deal of time preparing, and securing each and every order to ensure there are no soil spillages or damaged leaves upon arrival - but why tell you, when we can show you...

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