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Houseplant Hoarders Plant Care - Foliar Spray Concentrate

Houseplant Hoarders Plant Care - Foliar Spray Concentrate

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Handcrafted Plant Care!

Houseplant Hoarders NEW Foliar Spray concentrate is nutrient dense and helps keep indoors plants looking happy and healthy with just a simple spray.
Once diluted, Foliar Spray is virtually odour free, making it perfect for indoor use. 
Houseplant Hoarders Foliar Spray is made using only sustainably sourced Norwegian Seaweed. Such seaweed is collected from the shores of Norway, thus eliminating any biocatch. It is also Vegan-friendly, packaged in reusable glass jars, and its' highly concentrated nature means that just one 50g jar can replace ONE HUNDRED 500mL spray bottles of pre-mixed product!

Available in 50g jar (Pictured).

Text courtesy of Houseplant Hoarders.