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Get Low Maintenance Indoor Plants In Alexandria From More Plants! 

An indoor garden can be your escape from the chaos of the outside world, and for many homeowners it is a source of utter joy. Whether you stay in a small bedroom apartment, or a big house, by introducing specific plants into your house, you will begin to notice advancement in your health, and overall wellness. As well as improving your mood and creating a breathing space that is calming and soothing to be in, plants will also help you with loneliness and depression. Caring for a living thing gives us a lot of benefits and is gratifying, especially when you see them blossom and flourish. That’s why we actively encourage the community in Alexandria to purchase low maintenance indoor plants from the best plant shop near you -  More Plants!

There are many advantages in having small or large indoor plants, whether it be for your house, school or office. These advantages go far beyond the beauty and aesthetics of bringing some of nature indoors. You can buy them from our plant shop in Sydney. Look for our nursery near you for your choice of indoor plants.

More Plants is a well known plant shop near Alexandria. We are plant specialists. We provide pet safe plants, indoor plants, rare and collector plants and even plants under $15. We take great pride in bringing highly sought-after plant species to plant lovers. Just give us the names of the indoor plants you are looking for and if we don’t have it in store, we will source it for you. All our plants are handpicked and housed in Roseberry. They are thoroughly examined before reaching our shop. More Plants firmly believe in environmentally-friendly solutions. We are highly mindful of our environmental footprint. We are the best plant shop near you so call us today!

We use Sendle, Australia’s first 100% carbon-neutral delivery service. Our whole team is always  working on lowering the number of materials used in our packing process. We have been using sustainably-sourced paper towels and used newspapers in order to accomplish our aim of a plastic-free future. We motivate all our customers to recycle and reuse our packing materials whenever possible.

We supply indoor plants, pet-safe plants, rare and collector plants, and even plants under $15. We have an amazing collection of pots and stands available in various colours, designs and materials. We also have an impeccable collection of candles in different sizes, shapes, colours and forms. From protect sprays to Haws mist sprayer, we offer a great range of plant care and accessories. Along with a great variety of plants, we also supply plant-related services, including maintenance, plant sitting, fit-outs, sourcing, and styling. Delivery starts from just $5, and any orders over $50 will receive free local delivery!

Not only will well-groomed indoor plants instantly improve your house or workplace by always looking fresh and vibrant, but any staff and customers will enjoy the benefits too. Indoor plants help in creating a more harmonious environment and can stimulate improved productivity, concentration, and creativity. Check our nursery near you for a range of plants and accessories. Many of our indoor plants thrive in low lights so you have nothing to worry about,\.

Benefits of getting indoor plants from More Plants in Alexandria 

High quality plants 

One thing you can be assured of is the premium quality and health of our plants. All the plants are inspected properly before reaching our store. We make sure that every plant is in good condition and healthy. If during the delivery process, the plant gets damaged somehow, then you can send a picture within 48 hours and we will try our best to replace the plant for you. If in any case we can't find a replacement, then we will provide a refund. 

High-quality services

Regardless of the small or large indoor plants you buy at our plant shop in Alexandria, our experts will instruct you on how to take care of them. Along with plant care guidance, we also offer various other plant-related services. We provide fit outs, in which we will fill out the given space with some gorgeous plants. We will take care of everything, from the beginning from sourcing till installation. We will make sure everything is just exactly how you like it. We also offer plant maintenance services, in which we discuss office and personal maintenance plans. We also offer plant sitting services, where we will make arrangements and we will visit your place to take care of your low maintenance indoor plants while you are away. We also offer sourcing services, where we will use our excellent network of growers to get exactly what you are looking for. 

Call the best plant shop near you on 02 9663 0479 for more information regarding indoor plants in Alexandria. 

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