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Indoor Plants Erskineville

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Get Magical Indoor Plants From More Plants In Erskineville! 

Plants are always a great addition to the garden or indoors. You’ll come across many beautiful interiors covered in leafy vines, spunky succulents, hanging plants and short trees that brighten up the dull corners of a room in Erskineville. And there are multiple reasons why everyone is bewitched by the greenery. Indoor plants improve your physical and mental health in ways you probably didn’t even think of. If you have plants at home, you can breathe easily, have a better focus, and simply be happier! Our plant shop in Erskineville supplies indoor plants which can thrive in low lights. We have large indoor plants and if you let us know the names of any indoor plants you want, we will source them for you.

Not only do indoor plants add liveliness and colour to your space, but they also enhance the physical aspects of your environment. Before you fill an empty, soulless room with basic furniture and accessories, take some time to ponder about how you wish to feel in that particular room and how low maintenance indoor plants can help you accomplish that vibe.

More Plants is a reputed plant shop near Erskineville. As the name suggests, we provide various kinds of plants. We supply the best indoor plants and low maintenance indoor plants. We are committed to bring highly sought-after plant species to the lives of plant lovers. All our plants are hand-picked and housed in Roseberry. They are thoroughly checked before reaching our store. We supply rare and collector plants, indoor plants, pet-safe plants and even plants under $15. We have a great collection of pots and stands accessible in different colours, designs and materials. We take pride in our impeccable collection of candles in various sizes, shapes, colours and forms. From a small pack of plant clips to garden scissors, we offer a wide range of plant care and accessories. Along with a great variety of plants, we also provide plant-related services, including maintenance, fit-outs, sourcing, plant sitting and styling.

Our belief here in More Plants is environmentally-centric. Being extremely mindful of our environmental footprint, we are always working on decreasing the number of materials used in our packing process. Up until now, we have been using sustainably-sourced paper towels and used newspapers in order to achieve our goal of a plastic-free future. We provide free delivery on orders above $50. We persuade all our customers to recycle and reuse our packing materials whenever possible.

Why get indoor plants from us in Erskineville?


Our amazing and diverse collection of plants is categorised into four ranges: indoor plants, rare and collector plants, pet-safe plants and under $15 plants. The rare and collector plants range consists of Alocasia 'Green Velvet', Alocasia bisma (Hard Leaf) - Large, Alocasia Jacklyn, Anthurium decipiens, Begonia luzhaiensis and many more. The indoor plants range consists of Aglaonema 'Sapphire', Aglaonema 'Silver Queen', Aglaonema auspicious, Alocasia baginda 'Dragon Scale', Alocasia jacklyn. The pet safe plants range consists of Aphelandra squarrosa, Calathea 'Beauty Star', Calathea musaica, Maranta 'Silver Band', Peperomia caperata 'Pink Lady'. The under $15 range consists of Begonia listada, Begonia venosa, Fittonia 'Snow Anne', Maranta leuconeura 'Kerchoviana' (Prayer Plant).  

Various services!

More Plants provide a wide range of plant related services

  • Fit outs: Need your room filled out with some really gorgeous plants?! We've got your back. From sourcing to installation, we will make sure everything is just how you like it.
  • Maintenance: You've got the plants but don't know how to take care of them. Contact us to find out about our office and personal maintenance plans. We will make sure your plants are well taken care of.
  • Plant sitting: Going on a trip or short vacay and don't trust your pals with your precious plants? We can easily arrange to visit your place while you're away and make sure your plants are well.
  • Sourcing: After something particularly special? We've built an excellent network of contacts and growers who may just have exactly what you're looking for. Contact us to know more!

Come and visit our plant shop in Erskineville. We have a wide variety of gorgeous indoor plants, pots and accessories.

Contact us at 02 9663 0479 for more information about indoor plants.  

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